Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Cardio only day.  Since I fell when out on a walk the other day I decided to go to Planet Fitness and walk/run on the dreadmill instead.

The way I like to do my walk/run goes like this:
2 min walk
2 min jog
1 min run
Repeat 5 times.

My walks were at 3.5, jogs 4.5 and the run was 5.5.  I messed up once and hit the 5.5 when I was supposed to be jogging and ended up doing 3 minutes of the 5.5.  Not bad since I haven't run at all in a long time!
When I got home I decided to be productive and cleaned my entire garage gym!  It gets pretty bad with leaves and dust and spiderwebs (gross!)  I can't wait to workout tomorrow morning in there!

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